1. Physical examination

2. Issuance of medical certificates of fitness for seafarers

3. Prolongation of the medical certificate of fitness for seafarers at the request of the employer

4. Issuance of Chemical blood test and Liver test report

5. Issuance of Drug & Alcohol control test report

6. Ambulatory polyclinic appointment urologist – andrologist

7. Сonsultation  a physician ophthalmologist

8. Selection of glasses

9. Issuance of the medical certificate (form number 086 / y)

10. Filling of sanatorium and health resort card form

11. Issuance of the medical certificate in pool and fitness

12. Ambulatory polyclinic appointment specialists: neurologist, surgeon, therapist, narcologist-psychiatrist, psychiatrist, otorhinolaryngologist

13. Polyclinic appointment gynecologist-endocrinologist

14. Ultrasound diagnostics

15. An electrocardiogram (EKG) removing and examination

16. Spirometery

17. Audiometry

18. An Alcohol Drug Test

19. Biomaterial sampling for research

20. Laboratory investigations any complexity with Helix company

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