Speach of the chief doctor

“A world without men, even if possible, would be not so good…”

 Janusz Leon Wi?niewski


Dear Sirs!

This year is the 15th anniversary of European Man and His Health Medical Center. December 1997 was the starting point. It seemed impossible then: Baltic Shipping Company’s collapse, international crewing companies, staff reduction at Chudnovskiy’s Clinic and the hospital of water-transport workers. It stimulated the formation of our medical center’s profile and work.

Working in the sea transport system since 1974, I have passed the way from a ward paramedic of the sanitary quarantine division to a urologist of Baltic Central Territory Hospital. There have always been a question burning in my mind: why are the female sailors passing the annual medical commission are entitled to “their particular” examination and the male sailors are not?! The male reproductive organs seemed set aside. Even the Ministry of Health and Social Development’s Order No. 302н of 12 April 2011 being effective now does not contain relevant information.

Being a “men’s doctor”, I find it more comfortable to deal with male sailors and look after their health. My professional education and experience of a doctor that developed in the soviet health care system enable me to organize real follow-up care of the patients. In my opinion, the main feature of the periodic clinical examination is the doctor’s increased responsibility for the patient’s health.

In 2007 Rita Vladimirovna Stepanova, Chair of the Seamen Examination Commission, passed away. A lot of people used to know her and they remember her now too. I had to return to studies – to become an occupational physician.

Our crew of practicians is small but each of us have over 30 years of professional experience. Over the 15 years of our center’s operation, the monthly number of patients has been a constant value. And we are proud of it! We maintain good and mutually-useful relations with many patients and their families. Many sea companies of our city choose us to provide medical service to their employees. 15 years is enough to gain recognition in the international market of these services. Several times we have welcomed foreign colleagues.

Since 1983 I have worked here as a urologist. I really love my job and feel proud of my professional training school. There have been two visits to Germany for practical training. Many of my patients and me have celebrated the 20th anniversary of our acquaintance.

I have chosen my profession: it is to look after the health of the man whose job is related to sea. Among other parameters essential for the man are: waist measurement, correct posture, blood testosterone/PSA level, transrectal US of the pelvic organs.

Be in good health! Take care!

Candidate of Medical Science, urologist-andrologist

Marina Ivanovna Kuznetsova