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The goal and tasks of the organization is to unite like-minded people in solution of the aspects underlying the social, spiritual and physical health of man: business, ecology, medicine, culture, sport and leisure of our contemporary – man of 21 century. The medical centre «European Man and his Health» has been functioning from 1997 and has a state license №78-01-001248 as of 29.01.2010 for medical services. The licensed activity enables the centre, among other things, to make examination of professional suitability of long-voyage seamen by medical parameters. Daily we make examination of about 10 seamen on the basis of their applications. The total bank of the clients’ personal cards is over 15000.

The staff of doctors who examine long-voyage seamen is represented by top-qualification doctors having the experience of work in medicine exceeding 30 years. They include a surgeon, therapist, ophthalmologist, neuropathologist, otorhinolaryngologist, stomatologist. The diagnostic base of the medical centre is the clinic “Admiralty Shipyards” that has a state license and top-category certification. For diagnostics the advanced equipment and most up-to-date technologies are used, making it possible to comply with any prescriptions of the doctors of our centre with the shortest possible delay. Each examination of a long-voyage seaman for professional suitability by medical parameters includes the following diagnostics:

1. Clinical blood test
2. Microreaction
3. Blood sugar
4. HIV
5. General urine test
6. ECG
7. Rg of chest
8. Audiometry
9. Biochemical blood test (if requested by a shipping company)

The efficiency of examination is provided for by transfer of results from the diagnostics centre by e-mail in real-time mode, which makes it possible to cut the time of overall many-aspect examination to 3 hours, including examination by specialist doctors and preparation of documentation. After conclusion of doctors and the chairman of medical commission, the seaman is given an international certificate of officially approved model (several versions) and a Russian seaman medical card. The centre specialists follow the changes in the legislation regulating medical examination and are always ready to offer the practiced forms of international documents.